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  • Support’s all type interface convertor cards, fiber modems, and (!) support mixed insert of those  different boards,and functions will not be affected by each other
  • You can insert 12 function boards and 2 power supply cards, and one SNMP card
  • Power supply option: AC220V, DC-48V
  • The positive and negative terminals can be easily exchanged for DC-48V
  • Easy for installation and maintenance
  • Supports power supply backup feature
  • Uses standard 19 inch rack, 6U
  • Convenienent for maintenance , all the LEDs in adaptor board is located on the front panel
  • Sequence number of rack is displayed bynixie tube – convenient for management of large number racks used together
  • Support network management
  • Difference with AN-CH01 – support AN-4E1-ETH & AN-8E1-ETH interface cards
  • Free SNMP software with each chassis




12 interface 6U Rack : 14 slot, for fiber mux (all kinds), AN-4E1-ETH;
AN-8E1-ETH converters, SNMP card , two power supply


AN-CH02 can support 12 function card and 2 power supply card. AN-CH02 full configuration:  1 SNMP card, 12  function card and 2 power supply modules (1 redundant module)

AD-net AN-CH02 chassis support our complete fiber optical mux series,

Centralized SNMP rack mount solution allows network operator efficiently use expensive collocation place in racks, monitor network and deploy efficient fiber point-to-multipoint systems for access networks.

Why waste space in your 19′ rack by stacking standalone units on each other?

Choose AD-net SNMP platform to save space in your POP, and free GUI software with each order!

What’s different here with AN-CH01? While AN-CH01 supports more slots, giving you even more effiecient usage of space in your 19′ rack, AN-CH02, is most universal one – you can use it with AN-4E1-ETH, AN-8E1-ETH, that’s uniquie feature of AN-CH02

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