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  • Complies with 802.3 10Base-T and 10Base-FL standards
  • Provides media conversion from UTP to Fiber Optic media types
  • Extends network span from 2km(multimode fiber) up to 20km(single mode)
  • Interoperable with other 10Base media converters, 10Base, 10/100Base-T NICs, hubs or switches
  • Provides LEDs for easy network monitoring

RJ-45 jack for 10Base-T , ST connector for 10Base-FL
Category 3, 4 or 5 UTP cable for 10Base-T

Cable length:
62.5/125um Multi-mode duplex fiber optic cable for 10Base-FL (AN-10BT-10FL/MM)
100 meters max. for UTP
20000 meters max. for fiber optic Single-mode (AN-10BT-10FL/SM)
2000 meters max. for fiber optic Multi-mode (AN-10BT-10FL/MM)

Transmission type:
Base band

Connection switch:
2-position 10Base-T switch on RJ-45 side (hub or W/S)

Power, Lmon, Col, Jab, Xmt, RCV,LINK

0 to 55C (standard operating)

10 to 90% (non-condensing)

Power adaptor:
12V DC input, 1.5 Amp

Meets FCC Class A Subpart B of Part 15 Requirement

4.2″ x 2.2″ x 0.8″

Application scenario:




Ethernet 10Base-T/FL Multi-Mode Converter


Ethernet 10Base-T/FL Single-Mode Converter


AN-10BT-10BFL 10Base-T to FLConverter is designed to convert your existing 10Base-T Ethernet to a 10Base-FL network with single mode fiber optic cable up to 20,000 meters. The converter simply repeats sig-nals from 10Base-T Ethernet to a suitable form for transmission over fiber optic cables to 10Base-FL link. No more pair cross-over patch cords. You can always use pin-to-pin patch cords between Converter and Hub or workstation, simply select the right position on the 10Base-T switch for either Hub or Workstation. The LMON, COL, XMT, POWER, RCV, JAB and LINK LED lights simplify trouble shooting and network maintenance.