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DB-15 male for thick Ethernet
ST connector for 10Base-FL
Optional AUI cable for DB-15

Cable type:
9/125um Single-mode duplex fiber optic cable for 10Base-FL
62.5/125um Multi-mode duplex fiber optic cable for 10Base-FL

Cable length:
50 M max .per Transceiver cable
20 km max. for Fiber Optic Single Mode cable
2 km max. for Fiber Optic Multi Mode cable

LEDs: Power, Lmon, Col, Jab, Xmt, Rcv
Temperature: 0 to 55 degree (standard operating)
Humidity: 10 to 90% (non-condensing)
Standard: IEEE 10Base-5/FL Ethernet
Switch: SQE On/Off
EMI: Meets FCC Class A Subpart B of Part 15 Requirement
Dimensions: 1.7″ x 3.7″ x 0.74″


Application scenario


10Base-FL Multi-Mode - AUI 10Base5 Transceiver


10Base-FL Single-Mode - AUI 10Base5 Transceiver


AN-10B5-10BFL super slim 10Base-FL Single/Multi-Mode Transceiver simply converts signals from your existing Thick Ethernet adapter card to a suitable format for transmission over fiber optic cable up to 20 km (Single-Mode)& 2 km (Multi-Mode). Need to connect a workstation with a 10Base-FL transceivers extra slim design was engineered to do just that. 10Base-FL transceiver including slot space such as SUN SPARC, IBM RISC/6000 or Apple Macintosh, a set switch for enabling of disabling the SQE function for applications that require the SQE test. The POWER, LMON, COL, JAB, XMT AND RCV LED lights simplify troubleshooting and network maintenance.