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  • Transmit video and power (24VAC/ 12VDC) signal through CAT5 cable

  • Up to 200 meters for 1080p color signal

  • No need to provide power

  • Built-in transient protection, excellent anti-interference ability

  • RJ-45 terminal, easy to install

(1) — Power and Video IN or OUT

(2) — Video IN or OUT

(3) — Power IN or OUT


  • Pay much attention to RJ-45 pin description and line order
  • Selected a pair of UTP Cable (must be same color) connect to the transmitter VIDEO +/- port and receiver VIDEO +/- port


1 port Video + Power over Cat5 HD AHD/TVI/CVI 1080p Balun, BNC & RJ-45 ports


AN-VB-HD-P1 is a passive high definition balun with transmission distance of color signal up to 200m. It can transmit the video and power signal at the same time. It can be used as both transmitter and receiver, suitable for the expansion and application of HDTVI/CVI/AHD video surveillance system, such as office building, community, school and hospital, etc.

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