• Long-distance transmission of HDMI, audio, RS-232 signals via a single optical fiber.
  • All-digital, uncompressed, high-definition optical fiber transmission.
  • HDCP unvarnished transmission, EDID unvarnished transmission
  • The sender supports HDMI audio transmission and independent stereo transmission.
  • The receiver HDMI can take the audio output and a separate stereo output.
  • Supports 1080p 60Hz, single-mode fiber transmission up to 1 km.
  • Real-time transmission of high-definition uncompressed HDMI digital video signal, the video is clear and stable
  • Support for serial unvarnished transmission, baud rate can adapted by itself.
  • Support KVM function.
  • Built-in ESD protection circuitry, can effectively prevent electrostatic damage
  • Site installation: easy, plug and play, no need to set


KVM HDMI fiber optical extender_scheme


KVM HDMI over fiber extender kit, receiver + transmiter, power supply included

Product Description


The AN-KVM-HDMI-EXT01 Fiber optic extender provides extension of HDMI signals long distances over one fiber optic cable, it supports high resolution up to 1080P, EDID pass-through, KVM signal, RS232 signal and external audio transmission function.

The extender can use for a wide range of applications requiring long distance

transmission of high resolution with high quality by its good stability and powerful security.

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