PON extenders / repeaters (2 Products)


Active GPON & EPON repeaters for effective PON maximum distance extension and reaching more distances than default distance allowed by OLT’s.

GPON Repeater – Range Extender

AN-G-PON-R is independent intellectual property rights using proprietary development of a follow IEEE802.3ah standard GPON link amplifier having good compatibility, the mainstream market completely adapted OLT / ONU, the coverage by the GPON system may be Prior to 20Km to 60Km extend even further. GPON can combine with the mainstream market OLT / ONU manufacturers of products, so that the…

EPON Repeater – Range Extender

AN-E-PON-R is an EPON link amplifier developed by AD-net to benefit operators by extending their network link without any much additional hardware.AN-E-PON-R is compliant with IEEE802.3ah standard. It is compatible with any type of OLT/ONU available from other vendors in the market. The distance of the EPON system can be extended from the original 20Km to 50Km or even further. AN-E-PON-R…

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