SNMP managed n x E1/V35/ETH fiber multiplexer (2 Products)


Need more flexibility and modular design multiplexer with LCD and card based design? V35/E1/Ethernet cards added upon you grow? Then look no further to this. This is most versatile fiber multiplexer we have in a range!

SNMP & LCD panel managed multiservice fiber multiplexer

SNMP managed, LCD console equipped, carrier class double 155 Mbit/s fiber multiplexer with modular service cards approach: n x E1, n x V.35. n x Ethernet at your choice. AN-FM-600 Modular Integrated Transmission Multiplexer can provide full speed 100Mbps fast Ethernet (FE) interface in accordant with IEEE802.3 and E1 interface complying with 16-channel standard. At the same time, it also…

New Generation Ring Supporting Multiservice Gigabit Ethernet and 32 E1 Fiber Optical Multiplexer

The AN-FM-32000 is optical transmission equipment based on Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC). It integrates the traditional PDH multiplexer and 1000Mbps Ethernet optical transceiver, and can realize the 4/8/16/32 E1s and four 1000Mbps Ethernet data channel transmission over optical line of 1.25Gb/s, the four 1000Mbps Ethernet data channel share 1000M bandwidth. In point-to-point mode, the Ethernet transmission bandwidth can be…

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