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Warning: Counterfeit (fake) AD-net equipment in market Hereby we would like to warn users everywhere in the world, that we had found in several countries counterfeit equipment with our logo and model name which are not produced by us, and are really low quality and not complies at all to our vision of how equipment should be manufactured and supported.
New EoS series products are ready We had established a regular supplies of 2 new products of EoS series - STM-1 Ethernet with Gigabit Ethernet and STM-4 to Gigabit Ethernet device. You can check more information on them here:
Latvia, Riga: AN-SDH63 helps to deliver 63 E1 over 1 fiber only and saves space in 19' rack
In Eastern Europe, Latvia, we had been approached with an issue, that there is a need to send 63E1 G.703 channels over the fiber, and due to the high cost of dark fiber rent in the country, only 1 fiber was available for send and receive. Read more...

Thailand: Easy & Helpful solution for road monitoring on AN-DV series- In Thailand, one of our system integrator partners has been implemented a comprehensive and very well designed road monitoring project using our Video Over Fiber product range.
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2 PON port SNMP/GUI/Telnet managed OLT
Fixed 2 port OLT, 1 UTP 10/100/100 port and 2 SFP slot for downlink, advanced Layer 2 features, EMS GUI manager

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GEPON OLT - up to 8 port modular PON access unit
AN-OLT8000 is the most competetive in price and leading product in AD-net line of GEPON access platform, which is in full compliance with IEEE 802.3ah and MII GEPON standards, and have unique modular platform.

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Micro - extra small sized video & data over fiber converter
No space in enclosures at all? Micro type video & data over fiber converter is there to solve your space constraints! Dimensions are just 90mmX 76mm X 25mm!

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Gigabit Ethernet - STM-1 - E1 Convergence Protocol Conversion SystemAN-GE-STM-1 convergence protocol conversion system converts 63 channels of E1 ports from standard SDH STM-1 optical port to two 1000M Ethernet ports for communication - and every two E1 channels support ring networking. see more

Delivering E1 G.703 and PRI services over FTTH/B GEPON networks

FTTx - FTTH & FTTB networks usually are planned and designed by operators purely to have been served for residential customer access.....

Serial Cable
What are the risks of using a second hand optical products?

Refurbished second hand equipment is gaining a popularity, and so does recently the refurbished equipment sales....


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