GEPON ONU - Optical Network Units (17 Products)


Customer Premises Unit’s – we’ve got all types you need – as for FTTH home user access, and for FTTB type multiport type access. Triple play, Double play, IPTV multicast supported. Choose one you need. ONU – Optical Network Unit.

GEPON ONU – 1 Gigabit + 1 Fast Ethernet port micro access unit

This is a most popular and smallest ONU from AD-net offered ranage now - it has a 2 ethernet interfaces, 1 FE and 1 GE, and can be used for SOHO/FTTH access, for connecting such services, like IPTV, internet access and telephony

GEPON ONU – customer unit 4 x 10/100 Mbit/s Fast Ethernet and 1 PON port

AN-E-ONU-4-100 lays aside in the commercial building or the apartment to access the IP service, traditional access service and the digital special line service in the sole platform. Complete the management and disposition through the synthesis management system which are provided by MSC.   ONU is a equipment used in PON networking system to provide data service for end users.The…

4 x 10/100 Fast Ethernet + 2 FXS Phone + 1 Wifi ONU

FTTH EPON ONU AN-E-ONU-FTTH-03terminal devices are designed for fulfilling FTTH and triple play service demand of fixed network operators or cable operators. These boxes are based on the mature Gigabit EPON technology, which have high ratio of performance to price, and the technology of 802.11n WiFi (2T2R), Layer 2/3 and high quality VoIP as well. They are highly reliable and…

8 x 10/100 Fast Ethernet GEPON ONU unit

EPON Technology is a rising technology that combines with PON and Ethernet Technological superiority. It is a technology that point to multi-point networking. Through the Passive Optical Networking, the OLT device gather together with many ONU devices for interconnection, and it is combined with the technology of SFP BIDI, so EPON system could use less fiber resources to meet the…

GEPON ONU – customer unit 4FE + 2FXS/FXO

GEPON ONU adopts single fibre WDM technology with downlink wavelength 1490nm and uplink wavelength 1310nm .It only needs one-core fibre to transmit data, VOIP services at the same time. The transmission distance is up to 20km.   AN-ONU-FTTH-02 GEPON ONU lays aside in the commercial building or the apartment to access the IP service, traditional access service and the digital…

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