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Interface converters

E1/T1 interface converter series

Framed/Unframed E1 G.703/704 converter to X.21 protocol

AN-FE1-X21 - easy plug and play opearable converter from unframed G.703/framed G.704 protocol to X.21 interface

Main functions of AN-FE1-X21 interface converter are as follows - accomplish electric converting between E1 interface and X.21 interface and provide functions of rate conversion and time slot extraction, that is to say, you can extract any time slot appointed to get X.21 interface data channels with N*64K (N=1~32) rate. E1 circuit support ITU-G.703 and ITU-G.704 proposals. FE1/X.21 interface converter also provides user loop test function to test and diagnosis.

  • X.21 rate Nx64kbps(N=1~31optional arbitrarily
  • Universal - Framed/Unframed modes supported
  • Support local analog/digital loopback
  • Support remote loopback function
  • Provide pseudo-random code test function
  • X.21 interface uses DB25 standard connector
  • E1 interface supports framing and non-framing modes, with the occupied time slot selected arbitrarily
  • E1 interface balanced 120Ω/unbalanced 75Ω optional
  • AC 220V and DC –48V inputs may be selected for interface converters of both structures
  • For rack-mounted interface converter, dual power supply heat backup is provided to ensure a high operating reliability.

Typical applications:


Mode 1:

Connect the E1 port of FE1/X.21 interface converter with the E1 port of a router by some transmissions devices, the X.21 port of FE1/X.21 interface converter to the X.21 port of another router. Usually, the router is configured as slave clock and FE1/X.21 interface converter

adopt internal or slave clock.


Mode 2:

Connect two units of FE1/X.21 interface converters by transmission devices, set one of them as internal clock and the other as slave clock.



E1 interface rate: 2.048Mbit/s±50ppm

E1 interface impedance: 75ohm, physical interface: BNC   120ohm, physical interface: RJ45

DCE interface: X.21 (support connecting with DCE equipments.)

Date transmission rate: N*64K (N=1~32)

Transmission mode: synchronization

Clock: internal/external/slave clock

Test method: local simulative loop, local digital loop, remote loop

Dimensions: 215mm (depth)*165mm (width)*38mm (height)

Power supply: AC 180V~AC 240V, 50Hz/ DC -48V/ DC +24V

Power dissipation :< 5W

Operation temperature: 0~50

Storage temperature: -40~+70

Humidity: 95%

Ordering information
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